Creating a Gamer Planet




who are we

Gameness is a super app enriched with crypto and NFT, where you can participate in tournaments, education, and events within esports.

It has been developed to solve many problems of the community, brands, and teams. Our app is already ready for beta release.

It's a spinoff company from The Academys, so we already reach 400.000 Users, 130+ Brands, and 42 countries.

our partners & investors

  • Vendetta
  • Starters Hub
  • Binance
  • Founders Hub
  • Amazon
  • Neuler
  • Saga
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


You'll see a lot of online and LAN events like this at Gameness! Let's see what we've done before!


We believe there are still many undiscovered stars


Of a shining star!
Learn from the best! Get training on the subject you want to improve.
Discovered by great teams! Participate in minor/weekly tournaments and Gameness PLS ​​Leagues!
It s showtime The chance to win millions of dollars in the world's biggest arenas is in your hands!


It's the players that make us who we are.

As a Nessie (Dao Member), decide which game leagues will be held, in which country we will organize LAN events, and more!

The amount of GNESS and your NFTs are significant to becoming a Nessie. Nessie will have many different advantages! Stay tuned!

Gameness road map.
Gameness tokenomics.